Lockyer Valley, South-east Qld

July 22, 2009

Gavin Goodyear and I took out a Perth birder Peter Jacoby to the Lockyer Valley in search of new species, especially the Australasian Bittern that we had seen the week before at Lake Clarendon.

The morning started very chilly but warmed-up into a fine Queensland winters day, highlights were the Bittern,  a pair of Black Falcons (and another overflying single later) Banded Lapwings and a pair of Ground Cuckooshrike at Clarendon. Sadly we 'dipped' on Baillon's Crake and Plum-headed Finch (which we had seen the previous week) We tried for Speckled Warbler near Gatton but were disappointed.

Raptors were very evident with the aforementioned Black Falcons, Brown Falcons, Nankeen Kestrel, Whistling, Black and Black-shouldered Kites, Swamp Harriers and a single Little Eagle.




Land Birds 79 species
Eurasian Coot (Fulica atra) 100 Lake Clarendon
Fairy Martin (Petrochelidon ariel) 100 Lake Clarendon
Tree Martin (Petrochelidon nigricans) 100 Lake Clarendon
Magpie Goose (Anseranas semipalmata) 100 Jahnke's Lagoon
Straw-necked Ibis (Threskiornis spinicollis) 50 Lake Clarendon and Lockyer Waters
Red-necked Avocet (Recurvirostra novaehollandiae) 30 Lockyer Waters
Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala) 30 Adare Rd area
Hardhead (Aythya australis) 30 Atkinson's Dam
Torresian Crow (Corvus orru) 30 Lake Clarendon and Lockyer Waters
Australasian Grebe (Tachybaptus novaehollandiae) 30 Lake Clarendon
Little Lorikeet (Glossopsitta pusilla) 20 Adare Rd area
Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis) 20 Lake Clarendon
Welcome Swallow (Hirundo neoxena) 20 Lake Clarendon
Purple Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio) 20 Lake Clarendon
Eastern Cattle Egret (Bubulcus coromandus) 20 Lake Clarendon
Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) 20 Lake Clarendon
White-faced Heron (Egretta novaehollandiae) 20 Lake Clarendon
Black Swan (Cygnus atratus) 20 Lake Clarendon
Yellow-faced Honeyeater (Lichenostomus chrysops) 20 Adare Rd area
Black-faced Cuckooshrike (Coracina novaehollandiae) 20 Lake Clarendon and Lockyer Waters
Scarlet Myzomela (Myzomela sanguinolenta) 11 Adare Rd area
Crested Pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes) 10 Jahnke's Lagoon
Double-barred Finch (Taeniopygia bichenovii) 10 Atkinson's Dam
Magpie-lark (Grallina cyanoleuca) 10 Lake Clarendon
Noisy Friarbird (Philemon corniculatus) 10 Adare Rd area
Nankeen Kestrel (Falco cenchroides) 10 Lake Clarendon and Lockyer Waters
Grey Teal (Anas gracilis) 10 Lake Clarendon
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet (Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus) 6 Lake Clarendon
Yellow-rumped Thornbill (Acanthiza chrysorrhoa) 6 Atkinson's Dam
Pale-headed Rosella (Platycercus adscitus) 6 Lake Clarendon
Golden-headed Cisticola (Cisticola exilis) 6 Lake Clarendon
Willie Wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) 5 Lake Clarendon and Lockyer Waters
Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus) 4 Lake Clarendon
Royal Spoonbill (Platalea regia) 4 Lester Bridge
Red-backed Fairywren (Malurus melanocephalus) 3 Woodlands Rd, Gatton
Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus) 3
Brown Falcon (Falco berigora) 3
Black Falcon (Falco subniger) 3 A single seen at Lockyer Waters may have been one of the pair at Lake Clarendon
Yellow-billed Spoonbill (Platalea flavipes) 3 Lake Clarendon
Olive-backed Oriole (Oriolus sagittatus) 2 Adare Rd area
Whistling Kite (Haliastur sphenurus) 2 Lake Clarendon and Lockyer Waters
Swamp Harrier (Circus approximans) 2 Jahnke's Lagoon
Banded Lapwing (Vanellus tricolor) 2 Lockyer Waters
Black-shouldered Kite (Elanus axillaris) 2 Lake Clarendon
Australian Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus australis) 2 Lake Clarendon
White-throated Gerygone (Gerygone olivacea) 2 Atkinson's Dam
Weebill (Smicrornis brevirostris) 1 Heard only at Adare Rd
Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata) 1 Minden
New Zealand Pipit (Anthus novaeseelandiae) 1 2
Striped Honeyeater (Plectorhyncha lanceolata) 1 Heard only at Clarendon
Spotted Pardalote (Pardalotus punctatus) 1 Woodlands Rd, Gatton
Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) 1 Lake Clarendon
Black Kite (Milvus migrans) 1 Lake Clarendon
Superb Fairywren (Malurus cyaneus) 1 Minden
Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus) 1 Woodlands Rd, Gatton
Masked Lapwing (Vanellus miles) 1 Adare Rd area
Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus) 1 Lake Clarendon
Black-winged Stilt (Himantopus himantopus) 1 Lockyer Waters
White-throated Honeyeater (Melithreptus albogularis) 1 Adare Rd area
Australasian Bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus) 1 Lake Clarendon
Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla) 1 Lake Clarendon
Brown Quail (Coturnix ypsilophora) 1 Lake Clarendon
Australian Magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen) 1 Lake Clarendon and Lockyer Waters
Fuscous Honeyeater (Lichenostomus fuscus) 1 Adare Rd area
White-browed Scrubwren (Sericornis frontalis) 1 Woodlands Rd, Gatton
White-necked Heron (Ardea pacifica) 1 Lester Bridge
Grey-crowned Babbler (Pomatostomus temporalis) 1 Heard only at Adare Rd
Laughing Kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae) 1 Lake Clarendon
Pacific Black Duck (Anas superciliosa) 1 Lake Clarendon and Lockyer Waters
Restless Flycatcher (Myiagra inquieta) 1 Lake Clarendon
Australian White Ibis (Threskiornis moluccus) 1 Lake Clarendon and Lockyer Waters
Little Eagle (Hieraaetus morphnoides) 1 near Jahnke's Lagoon
Brown Honeyeater (Lichmera indistincta) 1 Adare Rd area
Grey Butcherbird (Cracticus torquatus) 1 Adare Rd area
Grey Fantail (Rhipidura albiscapa) 1 Adare Rd area
Rufous Whistler (Pachycephala rufiventris) 1 Lake Clarendon
Intermediate Egret (Egretta intermedia) 1 Lake Clarendon
Zebra Dove (Geopelia striata) 1 Heard only at Adare Rd
Red-capped Robin (Petroica goodenovii) 1 female Lester Bridge
Seabirds 3 species
Little Black Cormorant (Phalacrocorax sulcirostris) 100 Lake Clarendon
Australian Pied Cormorant (Phalacrocorax varius) 1 Lake Clarendon
Australian Pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus) 1 Lake Clarendon and Lockyer Waters



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Tom Tarrant

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